I had a day off on Friday and I baked a chocolate cake, here it is! It came from a recipe I found in a magazine.


Black Cat T-Shirts - My New Online Shop

A selection of t-shirts and artwork from my shop
I have opened an online shop (with Spreadshirt) called Black Cat T-Shirts.

I'm not sure how easy it is to make any money with it but I think it is worth a try. The good thing about Spreadshirt is that you keep all the rights to your designs, which is better than the t-shirt competition type websites that I had been looking at.

The hardest thing will be marketing and advertising the shop, I have a feeling it might not be that easy to get it noticed but I am going to give it a go. I am sure it is one of those things where you probably have to put a lot into it to get anything out of it. I am going to treat is as a  bit of fun and see how things go.

The theme of my shop is mainly cartoon designs, mainly focused around animals doing daft things like dogs on skateboards and so on. I drew all the artwork myself, so they are unique and original.

Here is the link www.blackcattshirts.co.uk. I bought a domain name and redirected it to my Spreadshirt shop. I was surprised I could get that domain name actually, I thought it was going to be taken, but luckily not.

I also have a twitter page twitter.com/BlackCatTShirts, if you would like to get updates about new designs I have added, feel free to follow it.



I have just recently submitted a t-shirt design to Design by Humans, here is a bit more info about it. If you want to view and vote for my design, here is the link, I would appreciate the vote!

My sunflower is not looking good at the moment, its leaves got eaten. I have a feeling it is not going to do very well. Also the other plant I have got a bit too hot in the sun, I think it might recover though. It's been a bit of a disaster for me this year in terms of gardening. I am having a bit of trouble adjusting to the hot weather myself at the moment, it is about 28 degrees C, it hasn't been that hot for years. I ended up going home from work with a migraine earlier in the week, I think it was because the weather was too much for me.


Slight Gardening Disaster

Unfortunately, during the change in the weather a couple of weeks ago where it went from being quite warm and sunny to cold and rainy, most of my sunflower seedlings have been eaten by slugs. I do have one sunflower seedling left that is doing well though.
I did replant the sunflower seeds but somehow they ended up on top of the soil (again?!) and I think they have gone rotten. They must have floated to the top when I watered them or something, what a disaster. Anyway, I replanted them again.

Also the wind blew my tray of kale off the garden table and the soil went all over the ground. I managed to save some of the seedlings that had started growing but I seem to have lost a some.
Since the disaster I have now put stones and some old kitchen tiles that were lying around on top of all the trays to stop them blowing off the table. Actually most of them are on a garden chair. Another reason to clear out the garden and make some space.

Today I put in a bit of extra soil in the kale tray and put some more seeds in. I do seem to have some tomato seedlings growing and also that other plant I can't remember the name of (see previous post) seems to have a couple of seedlings that are ok. I will have to keep a closer eye on it all.

My tayberry does seem to be growing, I can see a purple leafy shoot coming from the bottom. At least I hope that's what it is, and not some sort of weed.


Bank Holiday

Today with it being a bank holiday, I didn't quite know what to do with myself. The weather was nice, I decided to try and clear out the garden. There is a lot of honeysuckle growing at the top of the garden and it is everywhere. It is annoying because once there used to be a grassy hill in that spot. It got made into a pond that didn't really work. I am not sure what happend to the water but at some point it just became a hole filled with honeysuckle. Here it is before I started to try and get rid of it with a pair or secateurs:
And here it is after:
I know it doesn't look much different but I did manage to clear a fair amount of it, although there is still loads left.
The cat from over the road was having a nose at what I was doing. She got in the way and poked her head in a hole which had been revealed after I had cleared some of the honeysuckle. I think there are mice down there, she likes to sit on the edge next to the bushes waiting to catch one.

Here is my tayberry. When I first planted it, it looked like a stick. That was roughly a month ago. Here it is: As you can see, it still looks like a stick. The fork is there to remind me and my mum that the tayberry is there, and that it is not just a stick.

Good news though, my sunflowers have started growing. Three of them are growing, the other two had a bit of an accident, I noticed that somehow the seeds had ended up on top of the soil. I don't quite know how that happened. I pressed them in the soil a bit and also planted and extra seed in each pot just in case the uncovered ones were ruined.

Sunflower Seedling



I haven't planted much for a while but this year I got given a tayberry plant and some other seeds for my birthday. A few weeks ago, when it seemed to be a bit less cold than it had been, I planted the tayberry at the top of the garden. It hasn't done much so far it just looks like a stick poking out of the lawn but I suppose it needs more time (and warmth for that matter).

I also planted some sunflower seeds and some tomatoes (four different types) in some pots. The cat from over the road came along and helped me, well she sort of got in the way really and sat on everything. I was aiming to only plant a few things so I could keep on top of everything but I seem to have planted a lot more than I intended. I do have a big bag of compost that I carried all the way home from the shop though so I may as well use it, it made my arms ache carrying it, in fact they still ached the next day.

I had some time off work this week and one day I was bored and went up the road and bought a magazine which had two packets of seeds on the front (kale and a plant named Cerinthe major 'Purpurascens') so yesterday I also planted those seeds in a couple of trays. I expect I will be overrun with plants, unless the slugs get them.


New Website

Well it has been ages since I last posted, but I decided to add a new post if anyone is still reading (seeing as I haven't written anything for four years, it seems unlikely). I have redone my website, Cat In Hell. It took me a while as I did one redesign last year (which I took ages to get round to) but decided to change it as it was a bit dark and not very jolly so I made a brighter more spacious version. I have also actually got round to adding some content. I should continue to update it over time. I hope you like it.

One of the things I am quite pleased with is the Android App I made, which you can read about and download on the Games page.

I just changed this blog's template too, just now as I was looking at the the blogger settings. I like the new templates that are available. I think my old blog template (the one I made myself) needed updating really, this free blogger template is quite nice. I have added my own header image of course, the same one from the old template, except with a different background colour.

Here is a picture I have found while going through my old files. I recently upgraded my computer and was looking through my backup drive trying to find some old stuff, don't know if I have posted this before but I thought it was quite good. I did it a while ago. Thanks for reading.