Here's a weird picture of some cows underneath a motorway bridge:

And here's a weird montage thing of the bridge without cows (click to enlarge):



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Slightly annoyed today as there are going to be some train strikes that mean I won't be able to get to work on those days. Slightly more worrying though is the fact that everyone at work suspects the company is having financial difficulties. We had a slightly irritated man come in asking for rent he was owed for one of the buildings, and someone else rang up from an office supplies company asking about some money that was meant to be paid to them.

Not only that but there was a big mess up with one of the systems I was working on. It wasn't our fault really, just a misunderstanding folowed by a few unfortunate coincidences. Anyway, the client who I was dealing with demanded that I be taken off the project(!) and that the senior designer should do it instead. We just pretended that the senior designer was doing it and I carried on haha.
So that made me pretty fed up, even though it wasn't actually my fault, even though it felt like it was. Our project manager was fed up too, and said she would resign if we lost that customer, because she felt like it was her fault. Everyone was fed up. Not only that but there seems to be a real lack of work, nothing is coming in and there isn't a lot to do, so we were really worried that we might loose the customer. Anyway, in the end it was alright because the head salesman had a chat on the phone and sorted it out, what a relief.


I might find something better to post in a minute

The weather is starting to get autumny now, which is nice, I like autumn. I haven't got much to say really, nothing seems to have happened. I bought some nice fudge yesterday, and I've just started eating it again because it's looking at me. Yes I think I'll stop writing now.


Flash Gallery

I discovered that the galleries on my portfolio site didn't work on Macs, because of the way I wrote the CSS. Instead of messing around with it for ages I decided to make a n easier to update and more whizzy looking gallery in Flash.
A little while ago I spent ages trying to work out how to load dynamic images into Flash, and then the other week I discovered a tutorial that told me there is a component in Flash that loads Jpegs. If only I had known that ages ago when I was desperately trying to code something that loads Jpegs from a .txt file. Anyway, here's the tutorial that helped me and here's my gallery.

Um... if you happen to find anything odd (mistakes or missing pages) on that site, do let me know.

Corn Update

The corn plants have got really tall now and they seem to be growing their ears. Not actual ears, I mean the bits with all the little individual seed things on. Unfortunately there aren't many spring onions left as they have been eaten by slugs. Spring onions don't agree with me anyway so it might be just as well. I am slightly disappointed but at least the corn seems to be doing alright.



Holly, originally uploaded by Biscuits of Hobnobia.