I think I had better redress the balance after my moany post and put up some photos that I took yesterday:


Things are pretty weird at work at the moment and it's driving me up the wall. A couple of people in our office were off so it was just me and on of the blokes I work with, in a very empty office. It didn't help that my co worker was having one of his moods which involves not speaking for entire days, not even to say hello to people or be polite. He didn't even tell me that our project manager was off sick, I only found that out when our receptionist person can in to ask where she was.

I've also discovered what it is that's been bothering me about work, it's the general narrow mindedness and lack of tolerance of other people, including spiteful gossip behind other peoples backs about things that are clearly personal and not anyone elses business, basically people making judgements about people. None of it is aimed at me, but I still find it offensive. It's so immature and exactly the sort of thing I try and avoid which is what made it worse when I finally realised what was actually going on and that I was being drawn into it.
I keep having people tell me I should be angry about this, and I should stand up for that, when actually there's nothing there to be angry about, it's just other people trying to project their dissatisfaction onto me.

Anyway, I won't bore you any more with this because there's nothing more boring than reading someone moaning about people moaning.
Oh well, it might blow over eventually, who knows. I'm just not looking forward to going back in tomorrow because it stresses me out. I'm going to stick a load of new tunes on my mp3 player so maybe I'll listen to that while I'm working and it will take my mind off it.

I'm just very fed up with being the only tolerant person around and then people thinking I'm just 'too nice' because of it, when actually the fact of the matter is most of the time there really isn't anything to get upset about and it's actually just that I accept that different people have different points of view and that I don't fly off the handle just because someone doesn't agree with me, or does things differently to me.

Anyway, I think I've learnt something from this, that you never quite know what people's motives for doing things are and that people have this weird tendency to project things onto other people instead of accepting things or dealing with it themselves. Also that sometimes if someone doesn't like something or thinks something is wrong, is it because it really is wrong or is it just that it's stopping that person from getting their own way?

I don't know whether this is all obvious and I'm just really slow or too honest to notice when people are being deceptive, but I'm going to keep all this in mind from now on.



I discovered that I can add a domain name to the package I've got with the new hosting company I'm with. I completely forgot about that seeing as I thought my .com name was going to be fine. So I've chosen catinhell.co.uk. I still should try and get my .com one back, but at least I've got a domain name for the moment.


I might make a vaguely interesting post eventually, but for now...
The site that I originally had all my files for the blog template on has completely dissapeared, which was why there was no actual template earlier but I've moved it all now. I also seem to have lost the catinhell.com domain name, because the company I was with seems to have completely dissapeared, along with their name server. So I now have a website up, but it doesn't actually have a proper domain name, just a very long one. I'm trying to get the .com address back but I might just get a .co.uk for the meantime, as I don't think I'm going to have a lot of luck with getting the old one tranferred, even though I still own it. Argh.



Well it's been a little while since I last posted, my computer completely died last week. Luckily I was aiming to get a new one sorted out anyway, so it just made me get on with it and sort it out. So I've got a much better one now, anyway I won't go on... I'm trying to find the password for my flickr account. I've completely forgotten it and I can't seem to get a new password sent to me because I don't remember the rather vague details I typed in when I set up the account.